I have been seeing Tracy for both massage and energy work for over five years now. I cannot imagine seeing anyone else for massage or energy work. Tracy takes pride in her work and loves what she does. This is made apparent by her industry knowledge, her willingness to work with tough schedules and the genuine care and concern she has for her patients. Tracy is willing to get to the bottom of any problem no natter how complicated. I recommend her to all my family and friends.
Kent Letourneau
Tracy is a highly skilled practitioner that I have gone to for over 10 years. She always tries to accommodate working around my schedule and is nothing but a pleasure to deal with. Her positive attitude always makes me look forward to my appointments with her. Tracy's skill set far exceeds massage. She has helped all of my family onto a quick road to recovery whenever we are in need of assistance. I value her level of professionalism but yet her genuine care for your overall well being. She sees you as a whole person instead of focusing on the one item that might be ailing you at the time. I would highly recommend a visit to Tracy for anyone looking to change from their current practitioner!
Twyla Purschke
I have been a customer of Tracy's for over a year and find her RMT sessions to be effective and really relaxing. They work well in conjunction with my chiro, to the point I find I am needing less chiro visits. In addition to that, I find her "healing hands" to be just magical! I would recommend Tracy to anyone.
Delmar Young
Tracy is a skilled and experienced practitioner in all her areas of practice. My family has been seeing Tracy for years and to say she goes the extra mile would be an understatement! An example was when my son was in the hospital with a post op complication. On the second day Tracy graciously make a hospital visit to us. Using energy work she was able to clear the blockage, an actual physical blockage, and healing was able to progress. She uses multiple techniques while she works with you. Tracy is a true teacher as she is so gifted in sharing her knowledge in a practical and informative way. Tracy has such a loving heart for people. Her healing services will truly be your blessing!
Elaine Krywchuk
Tracy is not only a kind and genuine person, she is also exceptional at what she does. Whether it's my back, neck or anything else that's giving ne troubles, Tracy always knows what to do to fix the issue. She is very accommodating to my schedule and always shines with positivity and passion for her practice. I would highly recommend Tracy Avery to anyone!
A. Purschke
I have been going to Tracy for years now. She is professional, purposeful and peaceful. She is concerned about total health in her clients. Her R MT sessions are relaxing, ambience is wonderful and she desires that her clients are healthy in mind body and soul. I would very highly recommend Tracy.
S Anderson
My family has been going to Tracy for years. She is attentive, professional, and provides RMT massages that help us so much. My husband had back surgery and she certainly helped him through his recovery. I have chronic pain in my neck that she always makes feel so much better. Her massage room is so tranquil. The massage oils she uses are very therapeutic. Oh and you get the full amount of time for massage even if she needs to talk with you first. A lot of places cut into the hour that way and she doesn't. We highly recommend Tracy!
Gee Yanish
I highly recommend Tracy Avery for relaxing massage as well as more acute treatments. She listens to your concerns and will work with you on trouble areas to alleviate pain. Tracy is very knowledgeable and professional.
Tracey Sayers
Tracy is a miracle worker, she straightened my feet and toes when years of casts couldn't. She used her talents to keep me out of the hospital by killing bladder infections. Tracy is a miracle worker and can fix ANYTHING.
Ozzy Donohue
Tracy is an experienced and knowledgeable massage therapist and energy healer. She incorporates her extensive skill set into each session, leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed and refreshed. She has helped me heal every problem area in my body, most often In only one session. Tracy really cares about helping your whole being return to a state of wellness. She is always willing to accommodate my last minute requests for an appointment! I highly recommend her as a massage therapist and healer.
Allison Mohr